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Jan 17, 2012
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I make a lot of candles with this fragrance, and a co worker asked if I could make soap with it. Has anyone used it in CP? Just wondering how it behaves and if it retains the awesome smell it has in candles.
I absolutely love this scent. It smells like a perfect day at the beach- full of the smell suntan lotion and salty sea. Anyway- I've CPed it, and while there was no D, it did mildly accelerate on me, but not so badly that I couldn't handle a nice ITP swirl. I soaped it on the warm side (120F) with a 33% lye solution, so it might behave better for you if you use something like a 31% lye solution and slightly cooler temp. instead.

Oh- I used .7 oz ppo and the scent faded some over the period of a year. It didn't fade to nothing, though- it just got a bit light is all.

IrishLass :)