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Dec 21, 2006
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Has the writer's strike effected your TV choices?

I was HOOKED on Grey's Anatomy, but after rushing to the tele every Thursday evening for several months, to find a re-run, I got burned out. I am pretty sure they have had a new episode or 2 this month & I am just over it.

I am kinda sad because it was the ONLY show I watched.

I guess I just got out of the habit. I wonder if the strike will have similar residual effects. I wonder how many viewers have been lost.
yes, I dont even get certain channels anymore...theyve completely gone off the air!!
Definitely...we used to watch House and Heroes religiously and now we hardly watch anything at all. :?

Usually, the only time the tv is on now is if the little guy is watching the Baby channel or if hubby's watching wrestling or boxing.

Oh! and for American Idol. :D
It didn't affect me one bit. I don't watch much TV. No sitcoms, at all. I love Idol when it airs. Somebody at work was floored because I've never seen one episode of Seinfeld. I don't mind watching movie reruns sometimes and I like things like Forensic Files and Cold Case, 48 hours, etc (medical and law enforcement background). Oh, I forgot. I like HGTV and a little of TLC (Little People, Big World). I just don't watch TV everday, but when I do, those are the programs I like.
From what I see on TV most of the writers need struck!

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