ZNSC in hard water - add chelator?

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Sep 12, 2019
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southwest OH
I just today got word of the opportunity to donate soap to the KY flood victims from a couple months ago. I have some cured soap but I have lots of olive oil and I can make ZNSC in time for delivery in 2 weeks. I'm wondering how it bubbles in really hard water, which I expect this area has. It's nice for me in my medium hard water but am wondering if I should add a chelator to boost it. I'm super short on time right now and am on 16 hour work days for interim close at work or I'd re-read the 35 page thread. I could use a short cut please!

I'm also planning lip balms. Not sure what else I have time for but we're hoping to be able to do another trip next month with more. Maybe I can add some whipped butter too. TiA for any suggestions!

What a fantastic opportunity, and kudos for donating to those in need!

Yes, I'd recommend a chelator. Do you have sodium citrate available? Unlike citric acid, it requires no lye adjustment. Simply dissolve it in a bit of warm water. I use MB lye solution so I add the SC to my additional water.

I have used anywhere from 1-2% of oils with good success, but others here report that 2% causes some crystals to form on the outside of their soap. I'm guessing that the issue is recipe dependent, so if you haven't tried it before, maybe stick with 1%.
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