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Jul 31, 2016
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Hampshire, UK
Not sure how this affects anyone in the US but given that NGI has announced that they are discontinuing EcoSoy I thought I would look into wax to see if what I thought I knew was actually true.

Looking across the net tonight there seems a lot of biased info about Soy and Paraffin so I wondered what anyone here thought - why did you choose to use Paraffin OR Soy?

Do people actually care? I know I didnt before I started making candles and looking across other forums people still love Yankee etc despite them being made from paraffin or a paraffin/blend.

Or is the same mindset as people who want to buy a 'natural' soap?

Be interested in what other people think?

I know there's a lot of pro/con info regarding paraffin but I choose to use soy, because that's what I prefer. It's sad they're discontinuing EcoSoya. I wonder if there's another vendor you can buy from. I recently started using EcoSoya CBPB blend in my wax melts and I LOVE it. No frosting at all. I buy it on Amazon for a great price (especially since I get 2 day free shipping with Prime).
I read that they were reformulating the ecosoya waxes for 2017.

I'm blending soy and palm waxes currently.