When is best to add FO & mica in CP at RT?

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Apr 26, 2018
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Hi All!
Well I have finally made my first batches of CP soap and I think I'm going to need a 12 step program!!!
I do however have a lot of questions. Most importantly, when do people add their fragrance, TD and micas to a batch? I've heard so many different things, such as add them to the oils before you mix with lye water, add the FO last before the pour and the micas after mixing the batter to emulsification, and so on.
Also, about colorant, can I take some of my oil mixture, like a Tbsp per color to mix them in, out of the large oil batch so as not to have to subtract the amount from the recipe? Or can I plop the mica right on top of the smaller amounts I separate out to color?
I apologize for all the questions; I'm on a mission today and so excited!!!
Thank you in advance for sharing you're expertise!
Assuming that I am working with a well behaved FO, I add the fragrance just at or just before emulsification and then split to color. If the FO is a mover I split and color, then add the FO to the individual colors. I really try to avoid those that will give no working time, but those would likely be a one color soap and the FO would get added last - just before I am ready to pour.

If your container is big enough to get your stick blender in, you can add the dry mica to the separate portions. A little frother works pretty well for doing this too. You can reserve oil from your batch and many people do this. I usually mix my micas in a bit of additional oil - just enough to get a pourable mixture. I do this because I adjust my color by sight and often don't use all of what I mix. I'd rather have a bit too much oil than too little. If I am using a lot of colors I will lower my SF by a %. This is just what works for me, others use a different method.
Congratulations on your first batches!
When using a fragrance for the first time I usually add the fragrance at light trace, blend by hand, split to color, and pour. Like dibbles I usually use additional oil unless I know exactly how much color I need. I feel that by adding all additions after emulsification I get a better idea how each ingredient affects the batter and I write down notes on every batch. Then when I use those fragrances, colors, additives again I can choose to add them at different stages and compare the results/workability with my previous batch(es).
If I'm familiar with the FO and know the batter is slow to trace and the fragrance doesn't accelerate, I will add micas without additional oil and blend in.
The TD I use is water soluble so I usually mix with just enough additional water to pour unless the entire batch is to be white or pastel; in that case I add it to my lye water.
Hello and welcome. I add my fo to the oils before adding my lye mixture all the time. Only exception is FO that doesn’t behave then I hand stir it in after adding color. I add colors to my separated soap that’s at emulsion then a quick stick blend to mix.
Thank you all so much! This helps tremendously! I'm so excited about all of this! I have made other body products such as scrubs, lotions and bubbley things, just not soap for some reason. I wish I had started with this years ago!!!

Just one other question:
If I have new questions do I start a new thread for each question? I haven't really done these kinds of forums before so I want to post correctly.
If your questions are about a different topic, I would start a new thread. You will get more/better answers. If your new question would be about using milks for example, there is a good chance that someone who uses milk in every batch but never uses mica wouldn't even see the new question.

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