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  1. G

    What OO do you use for your soap?

    I’ve been using EVOO and it works well but leaves a strong tint to the batter. I haven’t tried mixing titanium dioxide or any other ingredient yet but what OO would you guys suggest which is best for making soap without adding so much tint?
  2. R

    Help! White streaks/spots in soap

    Hello everyone! I’ve been making soap for a few months now, and I keep getting batches with white spots on them. I think it’s either titanium dioxide or kaolin clay. Any ideas? How can I prevent it in the future? Thanks In advance!
  3. She’sBubbly

    Titanium Dioxide

    Hi soap-friends😍 Quick question; when making a white soap I usually mix titanium dioxide with a carrier oil but I can’t seem to get the right measures to make it all white - do you have any advice on on that subject? thank you so much🙏🏽T
  4. McLasz

    When is best to add FO & mica in CP at RT?

    Hi All! Well I have finally made my first batches of CP soap and I think I'm going to need a 12 step program!!! I do however have a lot of questions. Most importantly, when do people add their fragrance, TD and micas to a batch? I've heard so many different things, such as add them to the oils...
  5. Cameron

    Is this because of Titanium Dioxide ?

    On my last thread I had some problems with rivers due to my temperatures and what I thought was Titanium Dioxide. After lots of advice I re wrote my recipe and put it through a soap calculator. I did a water discount and lowered my temperatures and that seem to work. But my last batch i tried...
  6. D

    New soapmaker. Titanium dioxide to make soap base white

    What type of titanium dioxide to use to make soap base white. There are many types. It is confusing. Where is best place to buy and price, without outrageous shipping costs? Thanks! Doris
  7. N

    Clay powder as a natural colorant

    I have been playing with clay powders alot lately, I learn as i go and do test batches. So much fun. However someone has asked me to make them soap for them to purchase for gifts by Dec. 1st. I don't generally sell my soap so i should maybe not be so willy nilly and find out the proper way to...
  8. M

    Kaolin Creme Soap

    I have found on the German forum informations about Kaolin Creme that dandelion, the Great Soaptress :) uses. She said she creates a mix of the following: 1% kaolin clay 0,6% Titanium Dioxide (the proportions vary from 0,4 to 1% and she tends to lower this amount in her recent creations)...
  9. L

    Too Funny

    I accidentally found a new use for TD today.... Why go to a nail salon and pay for French nails.... Just get water soluble TD powder under your nails. As soon as they get wet, you have instant French nails!!! :crazy: :lol: That was at 1pm, it's now almost 7pm and my left hand still looks like...
  10. E

    Will Rebatching Help with Clumpy Titanium Dioxide?

    Hello all, For the first time, I'm considering rebatching some soap, but I want to be sure it will solve the problem before I do so. I made a batch of cold process coffee soap and was pretty happy - it actually smells like coffee and cocoa butter. Unfortunately, I not only didn't use...
  11. S

    Preventing FO browning in CP soap?

    Hi there; I'm positive I've seen threads on this subject, but I can't find them now. Apologies if this is a tired subject. I just bought Wholesale Supplies Plus' Frankincense and Myrrh FO/EO blend for use in a holiday soap. The product description says it contains 8% vanilla and will discolor...
  12. M

    Using Titanium Dioxide

    I make only goat milk soap and love its natural creamy color but would like to do some color swirls. I have read about using titanium dioxide to whiten soap and wondered if it worked with goat milk soap. I also read about water based versus oil based titanium dioxide but when I look at it to...