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  1. RedLance'sApoth

    Additives to create Opacity?

    Hello! I'm working with Essentials by Catalina's Artisanal Sulfate Free Glycerin Soap base. After a few experiments, I'm realizing that I would prefer the bars be more opaque. I'm wondering if the collective wisdom here has any ideas about what I could add to achieve this? I'd prefer to stay...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Is Coconut Milk Saponifiable?

    Trying to find oily additives that contribute to a soap's conditioning qualities. I thought about coconut milk. However, since the milk contains the very oil that saponifies to increase the cleansing effect, is coconut milk a bad idea after all ... or are there ways of managing this issue (like...
  3. H

    Melt & Pour Additives

    Can I add cocoa powder and dried mint leaves in my melt and pour soap. I found a recipe that did just that, but I know things aren't always what they seem.
  4. C

    Tetra EDTA

    Hi everyone! New member here :) So I’ve been making soaps with melt and pour. Specifically goats milk melt and pour from Stephenson. The base is great to work with and provides a creamy lather but when rinsed off, leaves a stickiness. When my hands are completely dry, that feeling is gone...
  5. StormyK

    Too many additives?

    Is there such a thing as too many additives when it comes to CP soap? And by this I mean beyond pigment, scent, exfoliants, and any top decorations that one may use. I'm talking sugar/honey, milks, salt/vinegar, citric acid, EDTA, etc. They all seem to have the potential to add specific traits...
  6. StormyK

    When (how) to use citric acid?

    Okay, so my understanding is that including citric acid at approximately a 2% ratio can help with lather in hard water (which we most definitely have), can help reduce soap scum, and - to a lesser degree - may assist in preventing DOS... I've even got the math for replacing the lye that will be...
  7. SusanP

    Additives in Soap

    Since I have spare time on my hands and can’t soap yet, I decided to do some price and product comparison shopping. What and eye opener that was! I expected pricing to be fairly similar, but it was not. The huge factor to figure in is shipping, which for me is large some most suppliers are on...
  8. M

    Preservative suggestions

    Hello, I am looking into adding preservatives into my liquid and bar soaps. From online research I have found names like Optiphen and Germabin etc. but it is difficult for me to access these brand names in Pakistan. Generic chemicals are easily available. Do you guys have any suggestion for...
  9. McLasz

    When is best to add FO & mica in CP at RT?

    Hi All! Well I have finally made my first batches of CP soap and I think I'm going to need a 12 step program!!! I do however have a lot of questions. Most importantly, when do people add their fragrance, TD and micas to a batch? I've heard so many different things, such as add them to the oils...
  10. bristles

    Help with using additives in hot process shaving soap

    Hi all, I am new to soap making and will be making my first test batch of shaving soap imminently. I have researched around here and you guys seem very knowledgeable there's some great stuff. In general I'd like to ask when do you add additives and how much?: Living in London I have very hard...
  11. E

    Basic Chemical Additives

    Hi everyone! I've been making soap for a couple of years and currently live in North Texas. We have crazy hard water. There is a chemical which is added to soap that reduces the film left on your skin after using soap in the shower. Does anyone know what it is? I haven't decided if I'm going to...
  12. B

    Tattoo soap? Can someone help?

    My friend is getting a tattoo and she requested that I make a batch of soap for her to use while it heals. I know it shouldn't have a strong fragrance but I did want it to have SOME fragrance, any ideas? Another thing is that I don't know if I should use milks or clays or any additives in the...
  13. M

    How do you account for Avocado Puree in CP Soap?

    I'm looking at doing an Avocado Soap using Puree. What I'm not sure about is the way we account for the avocado. Do we net out some of it's natural oil and water properties against the recipe oil and water amounts? I'm thinking about using it as an additive and netting out some of the water...
  14. R

    Soap additives & specialty ingredients - what do you use?

    I'm looking to hear what ingredients/additives you use, have used or plan to use in your soaps. I'm not really looking for oils unless you have a passion for one and it isn't a well known oil (like cherry seed oil I just found - expensive stuff!!) - but more like clays, infusions (herbs or...
  15. T

    Question about melt and pour soap additives

    I'm very very new to soap making. I want to make the soap mine as much as I can. So I bought some clear m&p(Crafters Choice™ Detergent Free Clear MP Soap(Is That one good?Again Newbie)) And I was wondering if I could add Shea butter or coconut butter and all those kinds of things. And how much...
  16. B

    Lots of newbie questions!

    Hi everyone! I'm very new to this forum, and quite new in the soap making business. Actually, I have never made soap before and I should be getting my first pounds of MP soap in the mail soon, and I'm quite nervous (still very excited though!) I ordered the mango butter melt and pour base...