What do you prefer for 'greasing' your molds?

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Parke Co. Grapevine

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Mar 20, 2013
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Parke county, Indiana
Hello all, I am new here and my first Q is for effective ways to 'grease' shaped, individual molds. For some of our soaps we use loaf mold lined with freezer paper - works well. But, we (and our customers!) also love shaped Goatmilk soaps molded in recycled 'cookies' packaging. We have been using pertroleum jelly on a Q-tip or cotton ball to give these recycled packages a light 'grease' prep, but it is time-consuming.

Someplace, I read that using non-stick kitchen spray is not good because the oils in the spray could saponify and stick your soap in the mold. Since we put goatmilk soaps in these 'cookie' molds, and keep them cool so as not to gel, would cooking-oil-spray work in this situation? So far, if the soaps don't come out of the PJ greased molds easily, we have learned to put them in the freezer for a couple hours. Then turn them upside down on a rack in the sink and slowly pour hot water over the bottom of the frozen soapmolds. The soaps slide right out.

I am currently studying Kevin Dunn's book, and am considering switching to mineral oil if I could find a way to 'spray' it on the mold - ala cooking spray style but with mineral oil. We welcome any ideas or suggestions.
I've used mineral oil in Pringles cans or used regular spray oil without issue. (not the butter flavor - only plain) the mineral oil I just poured a little into the can and used a bottle brush to spread it and then dump the excess.

Thank you all for you input. I have never used mineral oil, haven't purchased any yet. So, I was looking for input I guess, whether it would clog up a spray bottle. But all the different input is very helpful. Thanks again!

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