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Jan 24, 2008
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I am 27 years old, a mother of two (three, if you count the tortoise) and live in a small town in the midwest. I have never had a problem with my skin, through childhood, teenage years, and two pregnancies.

Now, it seems that every cleansing product I try leaves my skin horribly dry and itchy, head to toe. My husband told me of a lady he heard of who makes her own soaps and cleansers for her family, and I thought that sounded like a wonderful solution.

Long story short (too late, I know), I have NO idea what I'm doing, and am very excited about learning the different techniques and formulas for making homemade soaps. I have done a lot of research on-line, and think I have a good understanding of the basic process.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and if you have any advice for a newbie - LET'ER RIP! :D
Welcome first of all!! Have you decided what kind of soap you would like to make? M&P or CP or RTCP?? The list is almost endless....
Hi and first off, welcome to The SMF! I grew up in Bolivar, but am older than you. We moved to Springfield about 10 years ago, but my Mom still lives in Bolivar. We are only 40 miles apart from each other. We come to visit mom on the south side of town all the time. We need to meet at Smith's Restaurant and have a cup of coffee. My wife runs the soap side of our businesses and I run the TOG Mold side, but I make all the soaps and lotions! I only make RTCP with goat milk. If you need anything, let me know, OK? Cool, looking forward to many conversations from you, my neighbor!

Paul :wink:
Small world - get on the World Wide Web to talk with people less than an hour's drive away! Gotta love the irony. I may not know your mom, but you probably know my inlaws. I grew up in/graduated from Fair Play. My husband's family is pretty established in Bolivar, having migrated from Oklahoma, most of them. His dad is retired military, mom used to run KFC here in Bolivar. I hate KFC - idiots.

ANYWHO. . . . I look forward to picking your brain! (And I'm already eyeballing your molds . . . . . ) :p
Me too. My sister lived in Fair Play for years. Her husband's family was well known in Fair Play. Their name is Wolivar. I was in the fence construction business for 15 years around Bolivar besides growing up in Bolivar and earlier in the Halfway area. I'm sure our paths have crossed somewhere! Great to "meet" you! :D 8)


Just went to Kathy Miller's site. Looks very informative! I have some reading to do...
Welcome! I call my grandson Munchkin, too, since he was a tiny child. All little kids have funny little voices, so I started calling him Munchkin. HOWEVER...he is now 18, 6'3, with a DEEP voice...and I STILL call him Munchkin.