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Oct 13, 2014
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I purchased the Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil from BB a few weeks ago and haven't used it yet. Is this good all by itself in CP or is it better mixed with something else?

I'm a fan of any and all vanilla scents--vanilla, vanilla select, vanilla ice cream, sharp vanilla, smooth vanilla, French vanilla, vanilla sandalwood, and anything else all by themselves in soap.

Your personal preference will vary, however, and vanilla tends to combine well with most earthy or fruity scents.

Keep in mind that the vanillin will discolor your CP soap quite severely, so make sure you don't bother with a delicate color. It's going to go brown. My sharpest vanilla scent actually turns soap somewhere between brown and mahogany depend on how much I use. I've learned to love the color...
I prefer vanilla in blends but it's personal preference. It is fabulous mixed with Egyptian musk, and some people love it mixed with Sandalwood. If you don't mind the brown, it can mix well with certain citrus scents and with many florals. The world is your oyster!
Like newbie said it's personal preference. My hubby prefers straight up vanilla. I particularly like the vanilla select from BB. I recently used a similar (supposedly, I think they even had the same name) vanilla from WSP and was not happy with the results. I live 20 minutes from WSP though so picking up is cheaper than the shipping from WA. Oh well.
So far the vanilla select from BB is my favorite vanilla so far. I haven't soaped it straight but have blended it and still feel the vanilla comes through nicely.