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May 7, 2019
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I read the forum everyday--my newspaper! I expect to be a newbie for some years to come.
I watched a video from Royalty Soaps where MP clear was poured over CP for the Mermaid Tail Soap. That gave me lots of ideas, but thought I best check here first.

Can MP clear be in CP soap? Is the clear a glycerin soap? Would it interfere with the CP process? I'm thinking of, say, a layer of CP then a layer of MP clear, and so on, or side by side stripes.

I would really appreciate your comments on this idea. Thanks,

The only way that I use M&P with CP is as embeds. Several companies make a crystal clear M&P base.
Yes- clear glycerin Melt & Pour (or any type of melt and pour, for that matter) can be used with CP....either as solid embeds, or melted then poured into CP batter for swirl effects, or onto freshly cut CP soap for other cool-looking effects. I've done all 3 without any issues.

IrishLass :)
I have done layers (cp, m&p, cp), drop swirl with M&P, embeds, drizzled on top after the fact, you name it. It's a great medium to mix with CP soap. I've also done a drop swirl in HP soap. Not as easy, but still doable.
Just a word of caution if you use it in a loaf mold and a wire cutter - not all wire cutters will go through m&p. Sadly, mine won't :( which is a heartbreaker because I have this design in my head, but until I get a better cutter* the design will be staying in my head.

* either wire or human cutter, I don't have a preference, I just know that the current human can't cut a straight line to save her life...

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