Newbie questions re: scenting CP vs MP

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Nov 11, 2023
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So. I've been trying to gather as much info as possible before starting on my first soaps (I will start with some MP for Christmas prezzies, and probably won't start with CP until after the mayhem of the holidays), but I still have a question about scenting with EOs. (I am not married to the idea of EOs only, but ideally would prefer to use them over FOs.)

Having read a bunch of posts here & elsewhere about "fixing" this a concern for CP only (or CP & HP...I haven't even started to consider HP yet)? Because of the whole saponification process/reaction? Or do EOs tend to fade as much in MP soap as well?

As I understand it, less EO (by weight) is needed in MP...I'm guessing because it doesn't dissipate as much as it will in CP?

Erm, did I just answer my own question? 😂
I usually look at the suggested usage rate for each type of B&B product. You can also use a fragrance calculator.