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May 22, 2008
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I am going to need to go to soapaholics anonymous.

The first one is the White Tea and Ginger that I had to rebatch because the FO leaked out.

The blue/white one is Clothesline Fresh. I need practice with the top deco stuff - put it in a baggie and cut corner - then tried to do some decorating - not very good at it. Maybe I'll buy one of those pastry bags and see if that works better.

Thanks for looking!
Thanks all.

I have to tell you Paul, I am enjoying it much better since doing the RTCP method. So far I have just prepared one batch at a time. I have now made a 50/50 lye solution and making 90 ounces of oil - enough for 3 of my small batches. If I can nail this, I'm going to shop around for a 5 gallon bucket to keep my oils in and order some more oils - my DH won't love me for it though. :wink:

One question - saw someone say that any HDPE container is good for keeping lye solution. I checked the bottom of my distilled water jug and it has HDPE on it - it just seems thinner than the laundry detergent jugs - do you think the water one would be safe?
Godiva...I bout the orange juice, the almost 1 gallon size. I mix up my solution in an old tupperware pitcher and pour in the oj container to store. Seems like the oj would be a little stiffer than the distilled plastic container. Not sure though. That's just how I do it.

Good luck, Laurie
Yea, the OJ gallon jugs are fine, they are made from HDPE. I have a gallon jug that Tropicana OJ comes in I store 50% solution that is water and lye. The Gain detergent bottle with the push-spout, is for my aloe vera lye 50% solution.

Paul :wink:
They do look super!! I love the blue one - makes me think of blue skies and fluffy clouds. :D

Thanks Digit.

I experimented with the blue/white one - sprayed with alcohol and did not cover with saran wrap - I saw signs of ash this a.m. :cry:

I've got my next batch covered with saran wrap - seems that's the only thing that works for me.

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