Tried RTCP method-LOVE IT

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Jan 5, 2008
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Southern Wi.
After reading about some of you doing this method I thought I would try it..Wow, I had never tried this method. So I got up the courage last night, and did it. Let me tell you, how nice it was to not have to be bouncing back and forth checking temps! It took about 7 min. of hand stirring to trace and after dividing a bit for a swirl-into the mold. Had gel in about 15 min.. I LOVE THIS! Wish I could show pics, just found out last night my daughters new camera and my computer are not compatible.. Thanks for the great info people! :D

I just got home from my parents farm where I showed my mum how to do RTCP soap and now she is hooked as well.

She was surprised at how quick and easy it was. And much faster.

To which I agree to. We made about 5 1/2 pounds of soap today for my parents own home use.

And she thought the soap calculator was pretty cool, and very impressed that I've learned how to do these nifty things......

I'm glad that you tried it, because it totally ROCKS !!!!

Thanks to Paul and the others who are willing to share this info with us....
I'm so happy it worked out well for you, too. Since I started making CP soap using my modified RT method, I have really come to love it! Since I have a limited time to soap now that the TOG Shop is keeping me busy 7 days a week, I love just measuring out XXX ounces of my master-batched recipe and premixed lye solution, and being done in about 10 to 15 minutes----soap put to bed!

Well I had never heard of this method and I am now hooked also.. Like I said bouncing around checking oil temps/lye gets nerve wracking.. This just makes it so much easier. Time is always an issue! :wink:

Yes! It is a much more relaxing method, I think. I'm trying not to get mine to gel... I have a few FOs that do not like really high temps... My testing this week when my oils come in!!