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Jan 3, 2016
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I found some old crayons from when I was young and figure I can melt them down to pass onto the next generation.

my niece is 16 months old, so I know a larger chunky shape is needed. Would a Wilton candy mold be big enough? The molds I have I use for embeds, would lingering FO residue transfer to the crayons or hopefully burn off in the oven? I have larger cupcake molds but they have also been contaminated by fragrances. should I just use HDPE molds (brambleberry) even if they might be a bit too large for little hands?


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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
My niece is a school teacher and she used to do that for her students. I don't recall what she used to use for molds, but I have seen silicone Ice Cube trays with a long skinny shape for making ice that will fit into a plastic bottle neck. (Link) I've seen those at the Dollar Store, Walmart & various other places. Amazon actually has molds that are specifically designed for crayon making. (Link) But I think my niece uses more conventional baking molds, like a donut mold, and then broke the donut shaped crayons in half.

Spraying whatever mold you use with cooking spray is said to be a good release agent for crayons.

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