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Jan 19, 2016
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East Central Iowa
Okay, so after dropping my thermometer in my melted oils yesterday, I considered getting a digital. There are so many out there at all different prices, does anyone have a favorite? I've searched the forum and every link I found was expired. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Go to Midland Hardware and get the infrared thermometer gun. When I saw folks here recommending them, I was like, "Phhht. What a waste of money! $30! I can get a $5 thermometer at the grocery store."

Worth. Every. Penny. It's fast. It's accurate. It doesn't get messy. It's big enough that it doesn't get lost easily. It can't be mistaken for a meat thermometer and ruined in the oven. (Yes, that happened to me. Dad stuck my cheapo candy thermometers in the roast for 3+ hrs.) You don't have to worry about contamination from lye water to oils, or from soap to lotion.

Also, Midland Hardware has a heat gun for shrink wrapping and Norpro Funnel Pitchers.
I run an IR gun too. Quick.
They are not the most accurate in clear liquids so "shoot" the side of the container for a more consistent and accurate result.

Infra red energy is what is being measured with this device. In a clear liquid the sensor energy passes through.
I have a digital thermometer but have to say that, in our electronic age, waiting while it inches up bit by bit as it tries to decide the temp is a bit frustrating. I guess I expected it to be like a scale and to think for a few seconds then end up at a number. The digital therm. I bought off amazon doesn't do that. Hm, it calls it an "instant read" but that hasn't been my experience.

It's made me start to wonder about an IR thermometer. Skip the digital and go for IR.
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I have the digital kind too, and they do take some time to read even though they are supposedly instant read. I also move them constantly as I take the temperature because I find that they "lie" so I keep the liquid moving. I have been thinking of an IR for a while but after I dropped the whole thermometer in the oil yesterday I decided I was done with them always being messy, covered in something. Thank you all for the input.
I'm so delighted to hear you say you are happy with it!!!! I JUST ordered the exact same one about 2 hours ago from Amazon. My order choice was based on a wing and a prayer because I had no idea what to look for, what a good brand would be, etc.

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