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Jun 25, 2014
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Hey guys and gals!

We've been extremely interested in making a soap with alcohol in it. Here's the thing, I've been doing a lot of research and haven't come up with much luck. I know people make beer soaps. How would I go about making a tequila soap? I was thinking half water half tequila, also do you think the lye would take away from the astringent qualities?

Sound off! I'm just brainstorming and need some opinions from you guys
Oh great now you have my creative wheels spinning! Me being a tequila girl and all. I have some margarita mix in the fridge, wonder what I can do with that
I would think that one would have to cook off most of the alcohol or it would cause the soap to seize up before one could blink! People cook the beer down, too.

That said, if you cook it long enough, I don't see why it wouldn't work as part of the water at least. I am toting with the idea of doing this with rum, too
When I make alcohol soap, here is how I prepare my alcohol(beer, wine, etc) in advance:

Burn off alcohol by placing your choice of alcohol into a pot on the stove top and boil it. Then simmer for 20 - 30 minutes. Make sure you stir it occasionally. Once it's done, keep it cool in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. If you are not making soap right away, freeze it.

Sugar and alcohol soaps move quickly so get everything(colorant, scent & mold) ready before you mix oil and lye. When mixing lye into alcohol, I suggest you add your lye into frozen/cold alcohol slowly & small amounts at a time.

Good luck :)!
I also suggest you put your lye solution container in the sink before mixing in case you get a volcano. Had that happen to me once using wine, the wine/water mix boiled up about 4 inches when I added the lye. If I had mixed in on the stove like normal, it would have been a mess.

I think I'd rather use the tequila to make a transparent soap.
No pictures? I think a tequila salt sented with lime would be very cool. Now I'm thinking of a whisky soap for my dh.
I have been wanting to try amaretto with an almond FO. I like to cook with it why not soap with it? LOL
I did a great whiskey soap with about 1/2 whiskey 1/2 water for my liquid. Traced fast! I flamed off the alcohol in a pot & froze the leftover whiskey to a slushy. Might not work with amaretto though. Mine was 100 proof!
Here they are! No better pictures yet. The were not high lather initially but I'm hoping curing them longer will make it better.


Here they are! No better pictures yet. The were not high lather initially but I'm hoping curing them longer will make it better.

They look like the Limey salt I used to lick off my margarita glass back in college waaaay to often :) very cool!
Update: I have finally mastered a tequila soap, as well as tequila salt soaps. This is pretty hazardous to try out, but tweaking the recipe a little it is possible! My bars are beautiful.

So what's the trick? What did you find were issues? Very curious about the process. Thanks in advance :)
Just saw this post again looking for a solution to my stupid frozen lye. Someone didn't stir enough before going to sleep last night.

Flame alcohol in heat proof container, cook off more if needed until hard to flame. Freeze alcohol, add at trace for a reduced amount of water. Use COLD lye. Like 80 ish degrees. It gets warm quick from the caramelized sugars.
The batch in the pic riced a bit but came out really cool. I'm fairly sure it was the FO combo. I've had no issues with other batches. ImageUploadedBySoap Making1419775099.574124.jpgThe bars held together fine so I let them be.