Sweet Orange Chili Pepper soap


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Bari b

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Mar 24, 2020
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Missouri, USA
This is my latest cut of soap. I worked up a 70% palm recipe ('cause I had the palm and need to use it up!) and scented it with NG Sweet Orange Chili Pepper. Micas used were NS Orange Vibrance and NS Firecracker. I expected the 70% palm recipe to accelerate for some reason but it didn't at all and I had plenty of time to work with it. I just played with the colors.


I had also ordered an individual lion mold because my daughter loves everything lion so I used a bit of the orange batter to fill the mold.

You can see how very tiny it is. When I bought it I thought the lion was a little bigger....must have been the total mold dimensions, not the lion figure dimensions! Oh well, it will make some cute lions to use leftover batter on and will be something she can give away to her friends!

Here is a bit of a side view....I loved the detail and the lion's expression, just wish it were a little bigger!

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