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Nov 7, 2023
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West Virginia
I love how this turned out! And the FO is 5 stars. Been wanting to try it out for years. This was a two day process for me.

I split my recipe in half and did a hanger swirl with a chopstick. It was scented with Bramble Berry's Morrocan Mint Tea. The colorants used were from mad micas and nuture soap. The first half of recipe batter was divided like so and poured at medium trace. Cpop.

10% Snake Island
10% Amaranth
30% 3 Olive Martini
70% Lettuce Entertain You

The next day I cut up the soap and tried to get a variety of shapes and sizes.

The other half of recipe was colored with Mad Micas Phyllis Diller. Brought that to a thick trace with FO and added the cut up bits into it then spooned mixture into the mold. I banged the hell out of it on the counter until air bubbles stopped popping at top. Still had quite of few left in it.

20240303_110119 (1).jpg

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