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Jul 31, 2013
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I made a batch of Castile soap two days ago. I've made this batch a million times and never had a problem. I tried un-molding this morning and it was impossible to get out. I scooped out a portion and used a metal spatula to get the rest out which tore it all up. The sides and bottom completely stuck. The soap itself feels very soft, it's not seeping oil, but it's definitely sticky. I water discounted and I'm positive I made it like I always do. The only difference is the essential oil I used, which maybe did it but I don't know. Also, I noticed that this batch stayed warm FOREVER. Even this morning it was still warm. I've just never had this problem, any one have any idea?

Thanks! Heidi
Senior members will give you some answers soon.

I have noticed that my batches are having difficulties to unmold during the hot summer months. So, from July and until September I will put the mold immediately in the fridge. This way, it is ready to unmold 12 hours later.
Sounds like it was maybe still cooling from a long gel and wasn't quite ready yet? I know my bastile with 80% OO gel'd for a good bit but then went very firm once I had it on the counter for a day.

Just re-read and saw it was 2 days ago.. like a full 48 hours and still warm? Do you CPOP?
You're a pro really after 3 years so know more than I do. haha!
SO random! I honestly am not a fan of CPOP, at least not the way I've done it so if any of you have advice, holler back. I always seem to get like a fuzzy/small bubbly/weird texture on the top of my soap. On the other hand, it makes it super hard and mild which I do like, grrr. I honestly have no idea, but you might be right Jennellk. It might have been a super long gel phase. I have unmolded this soap within 12 hours before, I know, that's a no no. But really, I still have no idea what happened. It also might be the heat I'm in Sapwn, I've never stuck a mold in the freezer. I'm going to try that. Thanks all!
There's no rule that says you have to wait more that 12 hours before you take your soap out of the mold but you should wait until its cooled down. If its still warm it's still working. I have noticed that some FOs create more heat than others and if you house was hot that could be a factor. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
@Sisturn, yeah, I agree. I was impatient because I was leaving on vacation. I should have waited, but I didn't have the time to wait so I scooped it out mostly. It smells amazing, and it's a good recipe. So I may just make soap balls or something. It was 114 in the desert that day. Not good.

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