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  1. R

    Liquid Castile Soap Is Sticky - Any Advice?

    Hi all, I'm trying to make some nice liquid castile soap which is simple enough, but it leaves the skin feeling a bit sticky. By this I mean after you use it, if you run your hands over your skin instead of it being completely smooth your hand almost jumps a bit because it feels a bit sticky...
  2. C

    Help please - soft soap

    Hi I'm just starting my journey with soap making. I've adapted my recipe and the way I do things a few times so far. My bars are still so incredibly soft 24-48 hours after making it. Which makes cutting a huge mess. From everyones videos that I've watched mine shouldn't be like that. I was...
  3. deebop

    A few ponderings!

    Hi all you smart people! I've had a few things on my mind after dealing with some major and minor soap making annoyances lately! I'm pretty sure I just got too excited about things and tried to catapault into realms I had no business even creeping into just yet but I'm trying to tell myself...
  4. deebop

    almond milk soap is sticky? day 3!

    Im kinda confused!! this is my 6th batch of soap. i've done goats milk, and water based. the other day i went to the store and couldn't find any fresh goats milk so i opted for almond milk (unsweetened) just to try it out. so i used the Lye calc on brambleberry. the usual amount of coconut oil...
  5. L

    Soap Makes my Skin Feel Tight and Sticky

    Hello, I am a new soap maker, and have completed quite a few recipes from Ann Marie's Soap Crafting book. Every single one of my soaps makes my skin feel sticky and tight. I let them cure for 6 weeks. All soaps are SF from 5-7%. I use the recommended amount of fragrance as per the fragrance...
  6. S


    Thanks for the great welcome. I hope this gets to everyone.
  7. C

    sticky Soap

    I have been making soap for two years and have never had this happen!! I had a huge order for my basic soap recipe with honey added and a specific fragrance oil...After 6 weeks of curing the soap still has a slight sticky feel!! Is this a problem??? Why would this have happened?
  8. S

    Newbie Soap Maker - help with some issues

    Hi everyone, After a lot of research and internet crawling, I finally made my first 3lb batch of soap. I have let it cure for 5 weeks and was finally able to test out my batch. However, there are 2 major issues that I am seeking help with. 1) After rinsing off the soap, it leaves a...
  9. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Stuck to Molds for the first time.

    I made a batch of Castile soap two days ago. I've made this batch a million times and never had a problem. I tried un-molding this morning and it was impossible to get out. I scooped out a portion and used a metal spatula to get the rest out which tore it all up. The sides and bottom completely...
  10. C

    Sticky white layer on cpop

    I have been using CPOP lately and am having trouble. Every single batch is giving me a thin sticky white bubbly layer on top. I thought it might be soap ash or lye film but I can't find anyone who is describing this a sticky, just a powder and mine is not a power. Help?? What can I do to...
  11. M

    sticky goat milk soap

    I have made at least a dozen large batches of goat milk soap and my recipe has made great soap, until this last batch. It looked great after about 30 hours when I was ready to un-mold (usually do at 24 hours). When I turned it out of the mold the bottom of the soap was super sticky.:( When I...