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  1. shermluge

    Couldn't resist the try, Bacon and Oatmeal

    My wife had left over bacon grease that I had to see if I could make into a smooth bar of soap. There was enough to make a small batch with 27% Bacon Grease and four other oils.. I worked the formula for a couple of days till I felt is was good for an attempt.. Wow its smooth and turned out...
  2. melinda48

    Soft soap

    I made some lavender soap for my son five weeks ago. His intent was to sell it at market tomorrow. Last weekend I shrink-wrapped the soap and took it to him. Today he called to say the soap is very soft. I have never had this happen. I have lots of soap, all shrink-wrapped and none is soft...
  3. DianaMoon

    Is There a Law That Says You Must Mix Hard Fats & Soft Oils

    Another way to put this would be, "will a 50/50 Cocoa Butter & Beef Tallow soap be too hard"?
  4. B

    Soaping Troubles - Soft bars, even with multiple recipes?

    Hello, I am a semi-new soaper, having made approx 10-12 batches of soap, totaling maybe 25lbs of soap. Different recipes, different additives, different scents. The first many batches went very smoothly, hard bars, nice scents, etc, no trouble at all... But, of course, as soon as we start...
  5. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Stuck to Molds for the first time.

    I made a batch of Castile soap two days ago. I've made this batch a million times and never had a problem. I tried un-molding this morning and it was impossible to get out. I scooped out a portion and used a metal spatula to get the rest out which tore it all up. The sides and bottom completely...
  6. LisaM

    Too soft of soap, HELP!!

    Hi, I am fairly new at soap making and have a big problem, I have tried several different batches of soap using hot process. All my soaps seem really soft. Not sure why. I have used recipes from different places to try and not sure what I am doing wrong. What can make soap harder? I use FCO and...