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  1. N

    Mold in my Raw Cocoa butter??

    Hello everyone! I have raw cocoa butter I believe I used it maybe twice and this is my third time using at on Cp soap. This time around I noticed that they are white bubbly spots all on top of it, that looks like mold. It doesn't smell Rancid. It's stored on a shelf in my room, which isn't hot...
  2. DIY Plastic/Silicone Liner by  EvesGardenSoaps

    DIY Plastic/Silicone Liner by EvesGardenSoaps

    Short tutorial on making a mold liner using a flexible plastic mat & silicone sheet. For list of supplies see:
  3. C


    Hi everyone. I just started infusing different oils and I am having a few problems I tried googling but got nowhere. I used Coconut oil + DRIED mint leaves, double boiler low heat for about 4-6 hours. Strained it, canned it. It has been sitting in the mason jar for about 8 hours now and I...
  4. K

    Mold on Soap

    Hello, I made a batch of CP soap back in July. Two weeks ago, I put it in Ziploc bags that I got at Michaels Craft store. Tonight I took them out to prepare for a festival and noticed that the flower petals on it has mold on them. Can I still use that soap if I cut the tops off? Or do I need...
  5. kelly2019

    help with layers in a sunflower mold

    I want to make a CP salt/spa bar and have a salt layer on bottom, but I want to do the reg recipe on top where the flower design is, (which means on bottom since I'll be pouring into the silicone sunflower molds.) Will I pour my reg batter in and then wait until it hardens somewhat.... add the...
  6. K

    Life span of silicone gang molds or is it possible to hand shape cp?

    Hi everyone...I'm still here and learning and my next adventure is figuring out if I want to make my own silicone gang mold. Possiblity #1 is making my own silicone gang mold to have a multiple of the shape I want to make. I could do it, but I can't seem to find an answer to how long the mold's...
  7. cmzaha

    Proteins in Lotions

    I am just curious how many people that make lotions actually send out for challenge testing? I am curious because, since I am at the parents, I have been looking at sellers websites to see how their lotions are made. I have found many using proteins, aloe, oatmeal, starches, etc using Optiphen...
  8. Techie Joe

    Han Solo frozen in Carbonite - Star Wars moulds

    Is that the perfect soap bar design or what? The moulds are all around 6 inches wide which I estimate would make the small Han Solo bars just under 2" long x 1" wide x 1/2" thick I paid €2.26 and free postage from China 7 types available, made for making...
  9. G

    Loofah Soap... CP? Better molding system?

    Hey Everyone... I've been making Loofah soap for about 2 years now. I am now starting to have issues. Here is what I have always done. I have (2) approximately 12-16" piece of PVC Pipe (not sure of diameter. I'm thinking it's 2". I do Cold Process so it makes it a bit tougher. Anyway I...
  10. C

    1780c - 1800c pewter mold help? Candle corrosion

    Hello, I am using a antique 30 hole pewter and pine wood mold. I noticed that the very bottom of the tip of the mold is starting to corrode inside and making the tip of my candles not so pretty. I am using hot soap and water to clean it and a silicone mold releasing spray.. is the spary braking...
  11. B

    Why am I getting weird air pockets on my soap?

    I recently starting making my own soap. The first mold I made used 12 oz of silicone and works well. After that, I made three more with thinner walls using 4 oz of silicone. Does a thin mold wall affect soap? The smooth bar on the right is from my thick mold. The left and center, with weird...
  12. MaryWaldman

    Suggestions for custom silicone mold fabricator

    My soap making business is at the point where I'm ready to invest in a custom mold to standardize my products. We have bees, so I'm looking for a hex shape. Each finished bar would weigh 5 oz. I know my exact dimensions and have made a demo out of wood, and one out of Super Sculpty. Now I...
  13. ForTheDogs

    Aluminum molds - ok for M&P?

    Just browsing lazily through the aisles, as one does, I happened across the tin/aluminum loaf loaf shaped pie tin things. My mind starts whirring. Can these be used as molds for M&P? Has anyone ever used them before? If so, how did it work out? I just figured the wrinkles and contours...
  14. T

    how big is a bar of soap?

    Hello, can anyone tell me the size of a bar of soap in volume (ie mls) instead of ounces or can somebody tell me if for example 4oz of soap is the same volume as 4oz of water? I make craft moulds mainly for cake decorating that are used for soap but following a few inquiries from soap makers...
  15. H

    how to measure soap volume for mold?

    Hello, I have been making soap for almost a year and have decided to increase my batch size. My father made me some wood loaf molds based on measurements we saw online for a 10lb loaf mold. Most wood molds are named for their size, 2lb, 4lb, 10lb, and so on. The interier dimensions we used are...
  16. L


    Hi Everyone :razz: Does anyone know where I can purchase this mold? Thanks, Lily
  17. KatieV

    Herbal Soap Getting Mold?!?!

    Hi all! I've been making CP soap for about three years ago. I was making one of my tried and true castile soap recipes with calendula petals. I went to check the soap (now 3 weeks into the curing process), and it looks like there may be mold on the tops of my bars... Only in the calendula...
  18. Bex1982

    Why don't fresh fruit etc. rot in CP soap

    I'd like to add avocado to one of my soaps but since it's so mushy and prone to rot in "real" life I can't wrap my brain around why it wouldn't go bad in CP soap.
  19. L

    Using PVC to mold goat milk soap

    I am a newbie! I want to make a facial bar of goat milk soap in PVC pipe. What is your experience with milk soap in PVC? Do you put it in the freezer? etc???
  20. L

    Looking for this Holiday Mold

    Hi Everyone :O) Has anyone seen this holiday mold for sale? It is so cute! I haven't been able to find it. Thanks, Lily