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Sep 22, 2016
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Ok Folks,
I really like a couple of the online versions of the soap calculators but I have always preferred to have local versions on my computer, and I love the idea of having the ability to save recipes locally to my hard drive. Because of this I went in search for a free downloadable calculator which of course brought me to the three versions of the Soapsheet originally created by Chris Mathes and edited by Glenn Murray and Kat Koch and hosted on (additional versions / updates were found on I really like the idea of an excel spreadsheet for this as this is how I do cooking recipes and ejuice recipes, however I did notice that this wonderful tool had not been updated since 2005, I went to work. I have mild OCD and like nice clean lines and even tables so that was first things I changed. After this I did some slight modifications to the formulas so that I could add options like autofill and a single column for all ingredients. Next I added a ton of data that was sourced throughout the web, from a HUGE list of oils to all the fatty acid values, properties and things of this nature. The list of changes goes on and on but I dont want this to be too large a post. With the changes made I have emailed this to a few people and thought it was good to go until I started finding minor issues that bugged me. Anyway I have spent a while longer working on this and have gotten some great feedback, so now I feel like I need to release it to the masses for additional testing. This is not the final version (not quite yet, but soon), once I am sure all of the bugs are worked out I still need to go back in and adjust the FAQ and put the original about page back in. Please try it out, compare it to the calculator you already use, see what you would change and what you think should / could be added, then give me some feedback, let me know and Ill make some revisions and we can get a finalized product out there. Note there are tabs at the bottom and each one does a different thing, the instructions will explain each.

Thank You to everyone

Download HERE!



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I'll have a look later as I'm on the phone at the moment. I have my own excel calc so it will be interesting to see what Glenn and yourself have come up with

Out of interest, did you get permission to distribute an edited version, or was the original marked as allowing that?
Susie -- at the bottom of any excel workbook, there are tabs. The first tab in this particular workbook is called Instructions, which is the worksheet that you're looking at. Click on Recipe Worksheet tab to see the worksheet itself. And so on.

Ken -- I respect what you've done, but I do agree that you need to also talk to Glenn if you haven't already. The original workbook is his intellectual property, but it's clear he's been okay with others doing updates over the years. That might mean he may be quite happy that you have updated it and want to distribute it to a new crop of soap makers, but the right thing to do is ask him first for his blessing.
The Efficacious Gentleman, Deeanna,
I have sent emails out to the original creator and those people that have updated it through the years and am hoping to hear back. One issue I think I face is the fact that the last person to update this was back in 2005 and the original is much older so the email address that I have been able to find may be outdated. That being said the original author has an about page in his spreadsheet (which I did state I need to add back in) where he says it is available to be redistributed as long as three conditions are met 1. the about page has to be included and not changed, 2. that soapsheet is not charged for except to recoup money used to physically distribute, and 3. Blah, Blah, Blah go make some soap. But even with that before I plan to release a polished and final version I want to hear back from the others that have edited it through the years and get their blessing.
A new update is out, seems there was a small issue with a formula, the updated version can be downloaded from the same link posted above. If you are testing this, please download and update to the most recent version. Thank you again to everyone that is testing this.
It sounds like you're doing due diligence -- kudos! I didn't look at all the worksheets, so I didn't read Glenn's instructions -- I apologize. If he or the other contributors cannot be located, you've done the best you know how and it sounds like that will be good enough.