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  1. cmzaha

    Vinegar Usage_SMF Calculator

    I am sure most of you know by now I have posted numerous times about this wonderful calculator having a bit of an issue when it comes to entering Vinegar in the calculator. Once more I will try mentioning this and hopefully, it can be addressed. Today in-between making soap I played with the...
  2. R

    Is down or is it just my device?

    Is down for anyone else? Or is it just me? (2/29/20) It's killing me. I have so many ideas and formulas that I want to work through, but can't. Other calculators don't include all of the oils I've been experimenting with.
  3. T

    Forgot to add castor oil

    Hi! I just made my FIRST 5 lb pound batch, which I was admiring in the mold, when I discovered the lonely castor oil that was supposed to be swimming in harmony with the rest of the oils, siting alone on the counter. How can I figure out the properties of what the soap will be? I tried adding...
  4. L

    Fragrance measurements Help!

    Hi soaping friends! I have been making soap for about 3 months. I have been using only EO but ventured to buy some FO from Aztec Candle Making Supplies. I am not sure how much FO should I use. I have used Fragrance calcs from Brambleberry, Nature Soaps, The Sage. They work fine with EO because...
  5. Lankan

    Citrates : The Chemistry behind..

    I've read about ions of sodium & potassium Citrates improving the soap by reducing the soap scum by binding up the metal ions, thus act as a clelating agent. the above article by DeeAnna provides simplified approach to use of Cirtates in the soaps...
  6. WanderlustSoaps

    Soapsheet V4

    Ok Folks, I really like a couple of the online versions of the soap calculators but I have always preferred to have local versions on my computer, and I love the idea of having the ability to save recipes locally to my hard drive. Because of this I went in search for a free...
  7. WanderlustSoaps

    Hello World...

    Well Hello Everyone, My name is Ken and I’m stationed in Virginia, USA. A little about me, then how I got the soaping bug. I have been in the US Navy for 20+ years now. Started as a Nuclear Engineer, then a Steam Engineer, and for the last 14 years I have been a Gas Turbine Engine...
  8. boricua3177

    Lotion (HLB) Calculator

    Hello All! Does anyone know of a good lotion HLB calculator? I know that Lotion Crafter has one that they sell for $30, is it worth the money? Thanks!
  9. I

    Recipe % to grams (price) calculator + HLB calculator

    I have put a couple of free downloadable excel spreadsheets on my blog - One is a HLB calculator and the other is a Recipe calculator - converts % to grams and also calculates costs of ingredients in that recipe Hope they come in handy.