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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
Has anyone tried this program? If so, how easy is it to use, & did you find it useful, or just a hassle? I like the idea of it, but not if it's more work than it's worth.

For those of you who haven't seen it, it's at this web address.
Hi all - just an update on this program if you are interested.

I have downloaded the 30 day trial, and have decided that I love it!! I will definately be buying the full version.

It has a database for you to record your recipies, and once you set it up to the bar size that you want, can tell you how many bars of soap to expect from a batch.

It is a lye calculator, and also will automatically calculate amounts of all ingredients if you want to increase/decrease your batch size (a function I have been looking for)

My favorite part is possibly the inventory control. You enter your stock, how much it cost & how much you have etc, and it will automatically calculate the cost of each batch & the cost of each bar of soap. It will also deduct the ingredients from your inventory, therefore keeping an accurate record of what you have on hand.

You can set your recipies up into different classes (holidays, special orders, etc) It also accepts recipies for liquid soap & has the lye calculator for the KOH, and non-soap recipies.

I have spent the day putting my stock into the database, and have just now made my first container candles. By adding everything that I used into the recipie (including the jars) I have an accurate cost price both per batch & per item.

It also keeps track of the batches made, what products are on hand, what has been sold, etc.

Because everything I buy for this hobby (obsession) is by mail order, I have also added postage into the inventory as an additive, and will add it to every recepie, to work out exactly how much it cost me to make. For all those out there who are doing this with eventual sales in mind (like me) this program or one like it is invaluable.
Oh yes, i love that program. I've been using it about 6 months now and HIGHLY recommend it to all soapers.

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