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Aug 12, 2015
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I picked this off the net. Called Gardeners Soap
Canola 30.08%
CO 30.08%
Palm Oil 30.08%
Sun Oil 9.76%
Add coffee grounds at trace
Super fat 5%
Water 344.73Grams
NaOH 129.82Grams
No Cent
Oil 2 lbs

I made it one time (as above) and it came out great the only difference is that I used lard instead of palm oil. Ran it threw Soapcalk with the lard.

Changed the Palm for Lard
And used 50/50 water and goat milk
Canola 30.08%
CO 30.08%
Lard 30.08%
Sun Oil 9.76%

I put all oils in the crock and at a temp of about 130 I added the lye water 1/2 water 1/2 goat milk cooked and stirred to a medium trace added 1 tblspn per lb of coffee it wouldn't trace any thicker. Put it in a lined wood mold. The temp moved up quite a bit. I left in the mold over night sliced and on a wrack for 2 days still soft like play dough.

[FONT=&quot]Can it be saved and or what did I do wrong?[/FONT]
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Total oil weight 2 lb
Water as percent of oil weight 38.00 %
Super Fat/Discount 5 %
Lye Concentration 27.356 %
Water : Lye Ratio 2.6555:1
Sat : Unsat Ratio 42 : 58
Iodine 66
INS 142
Fragrance Ratio 0
Fragrance Weight 0.00 oz

Pounds Ounces Grams
Water 0.760 12.16 344.73
Lye - NaOH 0.286 4.58 129.82
Oils 2.000 32.00 907.18
Fragrance 0.000 0.00 0.00
Soap weight before CP cure or HP cookImage 3.046 48.74
# √ Oil/Fat % Pounds Ounces Grams
1 Canola Oil 30.08 0.602 9.63 272.88
2 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 30.08 0.602 9.63 272.88
3 Lard, Pig Tallow Manteca 30.08 0.602 9.63 272.88
4 Sunflower Oil 9.76 0.195 3.12 88.54
Totals 100.00 2.000 32.00 907.18
Coffee 3 tblspn @ trace
Honey 1 tblspn with lye water
Liqued 50/50 water goat milk
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That is a fair amount of water.

My biggest question is your method - you put it in to a slow cooker and cooked while you blended, then what did you do at trace? Cooked it until it didn't zap anymore (hot process) or moulded up the uncooked, zappy batter (cold process)? I ask because cooking while getting to trace but then switching to CP seems odd to me.
[FONT=&quot]I used a stick mixer, mixed the oil at about 127deg at about 134 I added the lye liquid, mixed until it came to a medium trace, added coffee, the temp was up to about 137, took it off heat and mixed looking for a semi heavy trace, didn’t happen, at about 123 deg. I put it in mold.
From time I added the liquid to mold 30 min. give or take.
Effy (tee hee) asks a good question - why did you choose to do it that way? No criticism, just trying to figure out where you got your info and what your goal was?

Also: is that 1 tablespoon of coffee meaning liquid coffee or coffee grounds?
CP soap
Coffee grounds 1tspn ppo
Why did do what that way? How was I supposed to do it?:confused:
I ask because cooking while getting to trace but then switching to CP seems odd to me.
What seems odd?
I melt the oil keeping it between 120 and 130 as best as I can when it traces I put in additives and mold it. This took longer to trace than normal.
It was zappy.
This is the way I’ve been doing it and not had much trouble.
Does caffeine have anything to do with it?
[FONT=&quot]If I am doing it wrong let me know.[/FONT]
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If you used SoapCalc, for setting #3- Water, did you leave it alone as 'water as % of oils? It's probably just me and how I soap but I don't see lard as a palm substitute. Lard for me is standalone and it has acted more like a soft oil when I soaped it.
Think I'll Just throw it and go back to the original recipe. I know it worked.
Thanks for all the help!!!
The odd part is that you don't need to use a crock pot or keep the temp that high or steady when you do CP. Most people just melt their oils in a plastic bowl/container, add their soft oils, mix together and then add their lye water. No need for an additional heat source. Most people use a crock pot only when doing HP. You aren't doing it wrong to mix it in a crock pot and it doesn't "hurt" your soap, but it isn't necessary. That's what people meant.
Well kiss my fat baby's cheek.LOL
Well after watching a few more Utubs and more reading I can see what you mean. I guess I was making half and half. I guess I was under the understanding that it was susposed to cook until it traced. Well I guess I was fooled.LOL
So I guess I’ll try it the right way.
Thanks for the come backs and getting me strait on this.