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Jan 2, 2024
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So, I have been using a 50/50 lye solution (room temp) and adding my frozen goat’s milk in cube form. The goat’s milk is fresh and Nigerian dwarf so pretty high fat content. My lye solution is chunky and even though it looks like it blends in when I add to my oils (oil temp 89 and lye solution 75) I am not getting the smooth soap look. I don’t want to use an immersion blender on my lye mixture for obvious safety concerns… the soap is fine to use but doesn’t look very appealing… thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated
Your full recipe and pictures of the soap will be helpful in order to troubleshoot.

Are the cubes of goat's milk totally dissolved or are the chunks the frozen goat milk? I believe you're saying that the goat milk fats are turning into soap as you add the master batch lye to it. I currently only use the dried goat milk and add it to my oils directly, before adding the lye water. I am assuming you're whisking the master batch and goat milk cubes as you combine them? You could try a small batch where you add the liquid goat milk directly to the oils, then add the lye master batch to that - not sure if it may rice, but may be worth a try.
Sorry if I am rambling a bit, having one of those hard to focus moments.
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Hi, You can add the raw goats milk. To the oils. Blend in, then add 50/50 lye solution. I always strain my lye solution. Just seems like a good habit.
What temps are you adding the milk to the oil and what temp do you soap?

What temps are you adding the milk to the oil and what temp do you soap?
And, is the goat’s milk thawed completely?
When I used liquid GM, I would give my GM/lye solution a whirl with my SB before pouring into my oils for just this reason. Just be careful and consider the container you have your solution in. Mine has high, straight sides and is just a bit wider than the bell of my SB.
That makes a lot of sense

I let my goat milk sit out and get to room temperature before adding to my oils. Sometimes I warm the GM and whisk in some powdered GM in order to have a full GM soap. I let that get to room temperature before stick blending it in my oils
Thank you!
I use fresh goat milk that has been frozen into cubes. When the cubes have melted (bc of the lye), I begin pouring the solution back and forth through a screen with lots of brisk stirring as I pour each time. That gets the lye chunks broken and dissolved for me, as well as any last semi frozen goat milk (kind of like thick milkshake finally turning to thinner shake). Then I pour in my oils. I soap around 90 for my oils and a little cooler for my milk/lye solution. I do have one goat this year whose milk is a higher fat content. Same process, just more stirring and screen time for her milk.
Won’t go thru the mesh
Hmmm...I usually have about 1/4 of mine like that the first time but take the liquid and go again into a 2nd bowl. And again...and again...and...eventually, it all gets dissolved in. The higher fat goat milk did take significantly more passes to finally be ready. Wonder if the richness of the milk is at play here. Sure makes a nice bar though. :)

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