Soap Slab moulds-suppliers who ship out to the UK?

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Aug 15, 2007
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Hi everyone,

sorry if this subject has already been discussed. I'm looking for soap slab moulds but living in the UK I'm restricted by what my suppliers can supply me with.

Can anyone recommend any mould suppliers in the US that ship out internationally?

I've ordered moulds from the US before (earlier this year) and the postage cost etc we're all fab.However after looking around for slab moulds the only site I can find that has nice moulds on is charging way over what I would be happy to pay. I know that international postage costs more but as I've said I have ordered from the US before and have looked into postage costs and what there trying to charge me seems a bit too much for the postage of 5 slab moulds. Okay sorry, rant over back to the subject.

Hope someone out there can help :)



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