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OMG, it is awful. Constant state of brain fog over here. Getting older is kind of a crazy process, even if you're expecting the changes.
I do miss my brain…

Instead of black, what do you think about the brownish soap in the OP? It shows the bevels really well. You could also do thin bars, I’m thinking 1”x3”x1” which would still give you an idea but less wastage.

I really like the idea of drawing the designs on graph paper. I have just been using one rounded key and really should use more for variety.
I like the idea of drawing on the graph paper too, it just leaves too much room for human error (ie; my shaky skills) and lack of patience. Both are bad enough for me that it is probably worth making a batch of soap. I probably will make smaller bars, though, that's a good idea. I'm happy to send you (or whoever else is interested) the pictures when I'm done, although at that point you guys will probably have expertly rendered, immaculately ordered "keys to the keys" of your own.
I will take you up on that offer! That is very generous of you. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I need to prioritize, along with “other life” stuff that I’m not sure when I will get to this project.