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  1. Mobjack Bay

    Soap Router

    I’m happy, happy, happy with my new soap router from Wild Plantanica. I know it’s going to be some time before I get a chance to try all of the different key bits, so I organized them by types and traced them to create a Key to Key Bits, using what I hope is the same nomenclature used for...
  2. SoapWelding 2019June16

    SoapWelding 2019June16

    Soap Welding experiment based on Grace's technique as described in her eBook and this video: Cut into 3 pieces & welded back together via water at joins, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap & into 200° oven for 10-20 minutes, then cooled.
  3. Bevel Tool 2019May_001

    Bevel Tool 2019May_001

    My new bevel tool purchased May 2019 from Lee Valley ( With practice I am getting better. Not yet as good as IrishLass does (, but I really like the look and feel of soaps with this bevel. Thank you, IrishLass!
  4. jakropelnicki

    Wanted Soap Edger

    I am wanting a new soap edger/bevel for my soap. I currently have one from Brambleberry, which is excellent but I think it cuts my edges "too deep." The one I really want is from, but it is $27.50 (they have a $30 minimum per order) + another $21.00 to ship it to me. I...
  5. N

    Finishing tips and tricks

    Presently I am using a cheese planer/slicer to bevel the edges. Does anyone have a better idea? Finishing the edges takes it up a notch, especially when colouring doesn't work out as planned.
  6. robertw98144

    Trimming and beveling your soaps - poll

    Do you trim and/or bevel your soaps? As follow-up, post when you trim and/or bevel.