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Today is Sunday ... Christmas... Tuesday :shock:
Anyone prepared?

I must say, I am happy finals are done. And I am on vacation from work until the 3rd. A much needed break (whew!) Sorry all I hadnt been around much, but those law courses were kicking my tail! I passed all my classes. (CHEERING)


I am making some Chamomile cream today, and doing some packaging. Everyone is getting soap and creams for Christmas.

I am going to the Bay Area to see the family, but I will be back that evening. I may make soap this week. Not sure yet. I have to go through my inventory.


I am done until after Christmas. :cry: My dining room and kitchen need to be available for the holidays, which means I lose my soap/body butter making area. :lol: It's funny, up until now I have used the dining room for drying my pottery, but this year for soaping. I think my husband is realizing (after 13 years) that my art, whatever form I am working on, always ends up in the dining room. :lol: My family is thrilled I am making bath and body can only have so many mugs, bowls, platters so on and so forth. :shock: After 10 years of giving pottery, they are ready for a change. Anyway, did make my first batches of body butter last night and had wonderful successes. Can't wait til the holidays are over so I can get back on track. k
Law courses! Wow! Good for you and wishing you much success.

I am making a few lip balms and maybe a couple of the shea/aleo butters to finish out some gift baskets. In my climate (very high elevation, dry bitter cold air and intense sun) everyone skiis, snowmobiles, snowshoes, etc, so chapped lips are a constant problem. I came up with a lip balm that is really gaining popularity. It has castor, vit e, tea tree and lavender oils. Very soothing. So I have a bunch of those to make.

Also some Christmas baking to do and then I'm free to enjoy family time.

Merry Christmas!
Worked in the shop a little this morning so I can get 8 orders out before Christmas Day. Mom, sister, her fiancee are coming over for soup tonight. Want to make a new batch of unscented body cream tomorrow, about 1 gallon of it I think. I want to make Shannan's Foot Balm too, it was sooooo nice!

Way to go Shannan! A job well done! May you continue down the chosen path life has reserved for you, a good life!

Paul.... :wink:
Well, we closed down the shop till the 2nd of January so there are no orders to fill at the moment. We know of a large order that will be coming after we re-open.... but other than that, I guess I just plan on playing a little with some recipes and reading up on CP as I plan on doing those after the new year.

Maybe trying one of those shower fizzie things or maybe a body scrub bar!
I amm done making and ordering stuff for this year. Now I'm trying to sell what I have so I don't have to count it with end of the year inventory. I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season. It will be pretty quiet for me. My girls will be here so all will be peaceful in my world. I hope the same is true for everybody.
I just made Goat's milk Oatmeal and Honey unscented looks delish

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