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Nov 29, 2007
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New Jersey
Sorry to vent - but I went out to three stores this morning to find a stainless soap pot with NO luck!!!

My gosh - why's it so hard to find a narrow 8-qt pot. I did find one at Home Goods but they wanted $38 for it, and that price is insane.

OTOH - I did have luck finding Lye at my local Lowes. Yeah for me!
Way to go Brian about the lye. Stainless is expensive. Have you tried second hand thrift stores or dollar stores? Perhaps a garage sale?

Paul.. :wink:
Hey brian -

I KNOW just what you mean!! I ended up getting a really inexpensive enamel pot at our local Wally world - for $12 - and I love it ... no complaints here - you might try that...

:) good luck - Rachelle (roro)
I bought a big industrial plastic bucket at Home Depot for about $6, it works great! It is deep enough to use the stick blender.

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