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Feb 8, 2013
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A few days ago, while I had a 104° fever, I wanted to order some FO from Peak for the January ombre challenge, and couldn't figure out why when I changed it to an 8oz bottle the order button would disappear. I finally saw where a line about it being out of stock showed up when I took a screenshot to share on the forum for help.

Last Thursday, some mica samples came (over 200 samples to be exact!) of micas I'm considering selling. I started testing them in soap 2 nights ago and when I went to unmold, realized I don't have a suitable curing spot that I can keep track of which mica is which, so I left them in the molds and ordered some shelving on Amazon. Figured I would put them up while DH was TDY next week, that's the best time to sneak large things into the house :twisted:

Yesterday, I went on Elements to order some FO for the challenge, and was peeved that my shopping cart was empty because I distinctly remember putting things in it a few days ago after Peak didn't have what I wanted. I spent a couple hours on their site, ended up ordering about 30 or so sample FOs and then a few larger containers of tried and true FOs.

Today I got a shipping notice from Elements, except it was weird. None of my samples were in there, and they had added some 4oz FOs I looked at a few days ago, but didn't order yesterday. My order total was only $7X.XX instead of the $9X.XX from last night. I've kinda mulled it over and been a little perturbed over this all day, really upset about their audacity of removing my samples and adding 4oz bottles of "random" sort of unnerved me that they knew I was looking so closely as those particular FOs the other day.

Half hour ago, as I'm puzzling again over the emails of my order and my shipped order, it starts to click the order numbers aren't the same. HMMMMM.

I searched my email. Well, well, apparently when I thought I was just browsing while sick the other night, I actually placed an order....... And then turned around and doubled half of it with another order last night.....

Walking through the living room a few minutes ago, hubby says, your shelves will be here tomorrow. Startled, I was like, What shelves??? (I seriously had no idea what he was talking about) He turns his phone around and shows me a notification from Amazon at the top showing my order has shipped.... I forgot giving him my Amazon password for the Kindle app would show him my orders!!!!!

I said, Oh, OK, as I walked away and silently thought, thank God you can't see my Elements shipping notices!!!


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Dec 25, 2012
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Ha! It sounds like you have lots of fun treats coming your way. Just think, with duplicates you can soap twice as much! :twisted:

Hope you're feeling better.


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Aug 16, 2014
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Near Charlotte NC
At least you're getting all sorts of goodies you need-want! Hope getting yur stash makes your cold go away faster. :)

I've banned myself when Amazon when I take a decongestant (those knock me for a loop - I'm a lightweight). The last time I bought the strangest assortment of things I had absolutely no recollection of ordering: semolina flour, fluffy socks, a jar opener, a CD (I haven't used a CD player since Napster), a giant gummy bear, etc. What was I thinking?


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Oct 28, 2015
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North East Oregon, USA
" What was I thinking?"
Yup. Jan and I have banned ourselves from Amazon for similar reasons. ( ooo look! something shiney!)

Catastrophe you are preaching to the choir here ya know? Jan has gotten to the point of just asking if there's anything new when the box of FO's shows up.:mrgreen: