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Jun 2, 2012
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Mountains of Eastern Oregon
I’ve always believed that soap is a wash off product so I don’t “waste” expensive, creamy, fancy oils in it, I save those for lotions. But my mind is questioning that now it terms of Essential oils. My daughter wanted me to make Charcoal soap with Tea Tree oil as a detox soap. She found it online. Reason being we both got a strange body odor since the virus years ago. It has not gone away.
So of course I’m making it, but what are your thoughts on wash off products and EO’s? Does anybody really know if it stays on or penetrates?
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I use EOs in every batch, along with my FOs. I don't waste money on expensive EOs though - just the ones that are affordable such as Lemongrass, Sweet orange, Litsea Cubeba, Patchouli, etc. I think for the type of product you are making here, EOs are perfect. In fact, I was about to make a charcoal soap myself today and I was only going to use EOs. Probably Naiouli and Lemongrass. And I am using Manuka hydrofoil as the water component, with some aloe concentrate added.
Many EOs simply do not last the distance though - and fade early into the soap's life. SO you do need to choose wisely in this regard.
I only use EO’s also but what I’m asking is does it actually stay on or penetrate into the skin in a way that would actually benefit in detoxing an odor?
No. There's no such thing as "detoxing" in that way. Soap will get you clean but it cannot draw out chemicals, nor can lotions etc.
Nor can eo's applied to the skin.