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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
After years of building all my family members computers, my daughter brought me over a brand new touch screen computer. When we retired new computers did not fit in the budget. Now I have a new toy!! Not so sure I like a prebuilt computer but I never kick a gift horse in the mouth. Of course now my laser printer will not work since it is unsupported so I have to move the old one to a room and set up the printer. Always when you upgrade something refuses to work. LOL, guess she got tired of me complaining about my computer. Back when I was building them I upgraded every 6 months so I never had an old one like I do now. Fun Fun Mommy got something new :clap:
New computer toys are always so much fun! Congratulations! My fiance got me a refurb new laptop for my birthday last year, and I haven't had a bit of issue with it at all. I think you will grow to love it. I wag my baby every where, too. My daughter also killed my old printer a few days ago, and a new one was only 35 dollars, so replacing it might not be too bad, depending on your needs. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment and use out of it!
Congrats on your new toy! I got a touchscreen laptop with my work bonus at the first of the year, it took me a while to get used to the concept that i was supposed to touch my screen. It's always been a big no no. Now, I get discombobulated when I use non-touch screens.
I will most likely stick with the keyboard. It is a nice 21" all in one which I would not have purchased since I cannot get into it to fix it. But it is new and works. Now I just have to get all my files transferred. What a pain since I cannot just open the new one up and insert another harddrive
Pull your old hard drive and hook it up like an external drive.

I did that recently when my laptop died. It was lovely.
you cant get a cheap external caddy from ebay or amazon for your hard drive and use it to transfer your files?

I had a mate build my pc almost 2 years ago now. Ever since I got it from him it would BSOD 4-5 times a day. it was driving me nuts and I knew it was the motherboard but surprisingly I put up with it for well over a year and a half before I got around to pulling it apart and tracking down the issue. turns out he bent some pins putting in the cpu. Im surprised it even booted with as many as were bent. new motherboard in there now and its great not 1 BSOD since. It was such a novel thing after I first changed it out. the first week i was like 7 days and no BSOD. I thought about getting a sign made up like one of them days without accidents signs. hahahaha
Yay for new computers! I love new electronics.
When we moved into our apartment, a friend of mine built me a new computer as a sort of housewarming gift. My old computer I hardly used, since it could barely run anything. But this new one is fantastic!

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