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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
I guess my oldest loves me. This is what I got for Mommy's Day. Actually, my daughter purchased it for herself but she really wanted a red one and she just found one refurbished on the Ankarsrum site so she gave me the silver one she purchased two weeks ago. Yeah for me. :dance:I will not get rid of my KA because some things the KA still does better and I have a lot of accessories for my Pro 600 KA, but this sure worked nice for two loaves of sourdough sandwich bread today. I love new toys!!


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It is a Swedish-made mixer. Ankarsrum has been making them since 1940 and has not changed the design. They are really great for bread but not so good for really heavy cookie doughs. You can read about them here
Thanks, never heard of it, looked at the aussie price for it and it's $1359 :eek:
My mom loves her Bosch because it is so much easier on her arthritic hands than the heavy KA. And the motor is apparently just as strong.

But right now it's just a thought in my head. If I bought every kitchen gadget I wanted, I'd need a MUCH larger kitchen. ;)

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