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Oct 17, 2007
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Carmangay, Alberta, Canada
I just made a loofah soap in a 3" pvc pipe. Here's my question...I unmolded after 24 hrs and tried to slice off an end piece to see if my swirl attempt worked (it kinda did!) and I ended up squishing the log of soap. So, now I'm not sure what to do with it!!! I have it standing on it's end on my table so it won't flatten on one side.

Did I unmold too soon? How the heck do you cut a loofah soap without smushing the soap in the process??? I did use a serrated bread knife, but maybe I just have to wait a bit longer till it's harder? How long should I let the log sit and cure for before cutting?

Phew. My fingers are tired from the mad typing! Sorry for all the questions.... :shock:
Did you cut the loofa before putting it in the mold? I think the loofa is usually cut into rounds first and then when you cut the soap, you cut between the loofa rounds. It's pretty hard to cut the loofa with a knife and not damage the soap.

I would suggest waiting until the soap is much harder and then borrow a chop saw to cut the bars. That way you'll get a nice smooth cut without squishing the soap. :D
Ahhh, never thought to cut the loofah before I poured the soap in!! I just stuffed it in the pipe and poured away!! :shock: I asked my hubby last night if he might want to saw my soap into pieces for me and he looked at me really strange. I'm going to let it sit for a couple more days and then hack away at it and see what happens!

I pour at a thin trace to make sure it soaks all the way thru the loofah and has a good thick coating and after unmolding cut with a knife. Never had one collapse.