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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
This is an email I received from Cibaria (my oil supplier) this morning. There is a link to the letter below that you can read. It looks like one just needs to give Cibaria your Business Name

From: Cibaria Int'l, Customer Service <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2019 8:49 AM
Subject: Proposed Tariffs on Olive Oil

We Need Your Help
As you may know Cibaria International is a member of the North American Olive Oil Association. Due to the proposed tariffs on olive oil, the organization has hired a lobbyist company, Akin Gump to work with Congressional representatives regarding the issue. There was a conference call last week, please click below download a summary of the meeting prepared by Akin Gump.
Akin Gump Summary
A review of the meeting was sent out by the NAOOA president that I thought you might like to see. It is extremely important that we all band together on this. I am hoping we can count on your support.
Judging from some of the questions I received during and after the call, it is apparent that many did not understand that the tariffs could be as much as 100% of the value of the olive oil—not an increase of 100% of existing tariff rates. Thus, a 100% tariff will double importers’ costs and result in retail prices close to triple what they are now for European origin olive oils. In short, this would be a catastrophic event. As explained in the Akin Gump memo, during the call we asked members to get involved on an urgent basis in a few ways. There are two steps we are asking that you undertake immediately.

First, we are asking that you agree to sign the business community letter, a draft of which can be downloaded below. Please let me know that you agree to the letter. Please do this right away if you are in agreement, and we will add your company's name to the signature page.

Business Community Letter
Second, it is critical that you take the time as soon as possible to contact your business and personal networks to inform them of the proposed tariffs - particularly if they are located in the state listed on the Akin Gump summary letter - and ask their help in opposing the tariffs by signing the business community letter. These should include important retailers, grocers, distributors, restaurants and restaurant chains, food manufacturers, logistics providers with whom you do business, and community leaders. Many of them are likely unaware that the cost of olive oil could double or more, and the impact this may have on their businesses. Where there are supply contracts, it is also possible they may be impacted by force majeure clauses. If you are uncomfortable discussing the tariff situation to them, feel free to share with them the Akin Gump summary attached to this memo, and refer them to the business community letter we are asking them to sign. And you can refer them to me for any additional clarification. But the key thing is to get their commitment to sign onto the business community letter as a first step. And please keep me apprised of the responses you get from your networks so we can update the company names on the letter and coordinate any next steps.

The additional step we would like you to take is to reach out directly to your congressional representatives to ask for their help on this. We will provide draft template letters for you to send by early next week.

Thank you again for your attention to this critical crisis.
Happy to help.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

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I wondered why the tariffs... and here is one article I found for olive oil specifically:


There are other recent news pieces about potential tariffs on EU products, such as European cars and French wine. Apparently, US producers feel that EU tariffs imposed on the import of American products to EU countries create a competitive disadvantage for US products.

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