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  1. Tuftyloves

    How are you offsetting the cost of Olive Oil?

    I’ve been making and selling soap for about 4 years now, and I really really like my recipe (below) but I think I’m gonna have to change it soon. The two pack of light olive oil at my Costco was $19.99 when I started, and it’s now $53.99. I definitely need to decrease the amount of olive oil in...
  2. R

    Tallow (beef) recipe feedback please!!

    Hi all, I'm looking for feedback on the following recipe using beef tallow, as I haven't used tallow before. I lowered the Coconut Oil from another version of this recipe to lower cleansing to 16. Any suggestions? Thank you! Recipe Oils, Fats and Waxes Oil % Grams Castor Oil 5 76.2...
  3. V

    My trace

    Hello. My trace is soo slow. Do you know why? I use 38%virgine olive oil, 27%coconut oil, 15%shea butter, 10%cocoa butter, 5%almond oil and 5%castor oil. 70g NaOH and 80 water. My oils have 40celsium and my lye has 45celsium when I mix. I don't want use pomace or some EO. How can I accelerate my...
  4. G

    Which OO works best for your soap as per your own personal experience?

    Hi! Basically I want your perspective on which OO you use in your soap and how it works best for you. Ive been using cold pressed olive oil in most of my recipes and the quality of soaps is great, the only problem is it’s a bit too expensive imo. Ive also tried pomace which is cost friendly but...
  5. Sunflower IMG_4652.jpg

    Sunflower IMG_4652.jpg

  6. Sunflower IMG_4651.jpg

    Sunflower IMG_4651.jpg

  7. G

    What OO do you use for your soap?

    I’ve been using EVOO and it works well but leaves a strong tint to the batter. I haven’t tried mixing titanium dioxide or any other ingredient yet but what OO would you guys suggest which is best for making soap without adding so much tint?
  8. saqqa

    Whats the Best recipe for 100% Olive oil soap ?

    Hey, Anyone with a good recipe for a 100% olive oil soap ? There are so many out there, but which is the best and takes least curing time ? I live in a hot and humid climate of Africa ;)
  9. sirtim100

    Marseille/Castille soap (with seawater) help and suggestions

    Hello all I live in North East Spain, so two ingredients that are easy to obtain are good olive oil and seawater. It's an embarassment of riches, so I'm thinking of making a Castille/Marseille type soap. I made some before but this time I want to make it with seawater. It'll have to be CP...
  10. David Christopher

    Pumpkin soap for beginner

    Hello to all I need a little help with playing around with recipes. I’m planning on making a very simple Pumpkin soap, using either a very simple 3 oil Crisco or olive oil recipe that may include goat milk. I have seen s number of recipes and was wondering. Do I reduce my water ( goats milk)...
  11. cmzaha

    Olive Oil Tariff

    This is an email I received from Cibaria (my oil supplier) this morning. There is a link to the letter below that you can read. It looks like one just needs to give Cibaria your Business Name From: Cibaria Int'l, Customer Service <[email protected]> Sent: Friday, June 21, 2019...
  12. K

    Drying Cold Process Soap!

    I have made couple of batches of soaps already but all of them dries my skin. 1 was cured for 6 weeks The others 4 weeks. They are not lye heavy. I used soap calc and brambleberry calculators. These are unscented soaps. These are also a coMbination of gelled and ungelled soaps. My skin doesn’t...
  13. M

    chamomile EO !

    hi everyone ! i made my list of ingredients for my first recipe with (50%OO, 28%CO ,12% Shea butter and 10% Castor oil ) i want to add some chamomile EO on it , but i'm little bitte confused . i read that EOs lost their scent after a couple of weeks or days , so i have some questions ? is it...
  14. R

    Best Carrier oil to use

    I have a bottle of hemp seed oil that I wanted to use for a soap recipe would hemp seed oil work okay or can you only use olive oil? What oils are acceptable for using as the base for your soap recipe?
  15. G

    Superfatting with Olive Oil

    Hello, Since most forums don't like redundant threads, I search for a long time here before asking this question. I'm making HP coconut oil soap, fully saponified (no superfatting in-process), and I want to know how much olive oil I should add. I've heard that superfatting with olive oil...
  16. DianaMoon

    My First Batch & Zap

    I made this yesterday night. I put it in molds at about 7 PM last night. I do not have a stick blender & used my whisk, sometimes attaching it to a hand-held blender, sometimes doing it by hand. I think I did about 10 minutes of blending but it never got to trace. I lost faith and looked up on...
  17. asatish1888

    Advice for making LS as Shampoo?

    Hi, everyone my name is Asha! I have a question regarding liquid soap. I have been thinking about making myself some shampoo with Olive Oil. I have heard that LS soap can be quite harsh on your hair. I even have first hand experience with this knowledge. I made a gallon batch of LS with the...
  18. C

    Olive oil liquid soap-need help!!

    I made olive oil liquid soap for the first time. I added the water to the paste to dilute, brought to a boil and let it sit over night. In the morning the paste had not melted. I re heated it and let it sit again. This time when I checked it, the paste had absorbed ALL the water and tripled...
  19. M

    Soap Percentage Inquiry

    Hello Everyone! Momo here :) Thank you for taking the time to look at my new post. I'm in desperate need :( Kinda new to soap making, this is my 5th batch and I would love to hear your valued opinion on this recipe Its cold process, - 250g Coconut Oil 50% - 150g Olive Oil 30% -...
  20. L

    Questions before 1st liquid castille attempt

    Hi to everyone, After many hours of reading the liquid soap forum i think i'm ready to give it a try for my first liquid soap. I have many experience in cp soap bars, but this seems like a new world to me and i feel as anxious as my first cp attempt! :) I've read so many information, that i...