Now What? Curdled, Warmed, Stirred & Poured, Now Soft in Mold

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Oct 28, 2011
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Soaped cool. OK after adding lye and stick blending. Added clay, still OK. Added one ounce FO -- curdled and separated. Stirred and stirred, no improvement. Warmed pan and used stick blender. Came together (sort of) so poured into mold.

24 hours later, goop.

Recipe: 30% lard, 25% coconut oil, 17% hemp seed oil, 13% olive oil, 10% shea butter, 5% castor oil. White kaolin clay at light trace.

What now?

Sorry for the omission. And, it looks like the added information I sent a couple of days ago never got to the forum. : - (

So, here's the rest of the story --

Water 23.10 ounces
Lye 9.30 ounces

Lye concentration 28.707%

3 Tb. white kaolin clay
1/2 tsp. titanium dioxide dispersed in 1 tsp. olive oil
So oils are in percentages but the water, lye, etc. are in weights. Can you provide weights for the oils too, please?
Was the FO for cold process soap or M&P?
Weights check? does the total in the mold equal the sum of the parts

Can the mess be whipped into submission at this late a date or should you just ash can it?

Gremlins happen. I tend to be a bit CDO about my measurements just to help keep the away.
CDO - it's like OCD except with the letters in correct order AS THEY SHOULD BE.
Attached is the recipe I followed.

It filled the two molds I used up to the usual mark so it seems the sum was equal to its parts.

Fragrance was "Vervaine Olive Oil" from www. suitable for CP. Used only one ounce. (Sure wish I'd used zero.)

Again, apologize for incomplete inquiry. In future, I will provide all the details in the initial posting. Thanks to all for your patience.

View attachment SOAP_Gentle Hemp and Shea.pdf