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  1. AliciaE

    Thin crack on top of loaf

    Hey Ya'll, I have heard of large cracks in a loaf from soap getting to hot but I wasn't sure if that was the case with mine or not. I let all my soap sit in the same area and this is the first time I have gotten these thin cracks. They are just on the top of my loaf where I built up a little...
  2. StacyeCrowns

    Breakfast Soap gone funky

    I made an ambitious new batch of cp. I was using up all of my stored bacon drippings to make a lard and coconut oil "breakfast soap" and I added coffee, coffee grounds, heavy cream, maple syrup, egg yolk. It has swirls with td, cocoa, and brown oxide and was scented with coffee house fo from...
  3. QuanahRose

    Now What? Curdled, Warmed, Stirred & Poured, Now Soft in Mold

    Soaped cool. OK after adding lye and stick blending. Added clay, still OK. Added one ounce FO -- curdled and separated. Stirred and stirred, no improvement. Warmed pan and used stick blender. Came together (sort of) so poured into mold. 24 hours later, goop. Recipe: 30% lard, 25% coconut...