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Feb 20, 2022
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Parrish, FL
Hi all!
I cut this loaf yesterday, and I’ve never seen this in my soap before. I did a search online to try to troubleshoot it, and nothing is really answering the question.

This is my recipe:
Coconut oil - 25%
Olive Oil - 25%
Palm Oil - 16%
Kokum Butter - 12%
Hemp Oil - 8%
Castor Oil - 4%
It was an 80oz oil batch with ~2:1 water to lye ratio (25oz H2O to 11.29oz lye).
Fragrance Oil - 3%, or 2.4oz
Kaolin Clay - 7t
Sodium Lactate - 5t

The white streaks don’t have a texture to them. I did a zap test on a small piece, and all I got from it was yucky soap taste. I used my stick blender until I got to a light trace, and then I stick blended a bit more. Could it be my kaolin clay wasn’t mixed up well? The only pigment I added was a blue mica.

Any help is appreciated.


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