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  1. J

    odd reaction when adding lye...

    So I had something happen that's entirely new to me. As I was adding the lye to the oils, the mix pretty much set up - almost seized - instantly. It wasn't a full seize, just moved through trace and to a porridge-like consistency) smooth, pourable, no grain) - Kind of like cold motor oil. The...
  2. QuanahRose

    Now What? Curdled, Warmed, Stirred & Poured, Now Soft in Mold

    Soaped cool. OK after adding lye and stick blending. Added clay, still OK. Added one ounce FO -- curdled and separated. Stirred and stirred, no improvement. Warmed pan and used stick blender. Came together (sort of) so poured into mold. 24 hours later, goop. Recipe: 30% lard, 25% coconut...