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Jul 13, 2015
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Vacaville, CA
Hello, I'm Joe. I just found the site by googling around looking for an active forum on soap making. I have a small little business making CP soap among other things. I started out as a olive oil producer and soap was merely a side note, now soaps and lotion are what I primarily focus on.

I'll be active every once in awhile, occasionally I change things up and that results in some pretty interesting screw ups - so ill need to pick some of your brains.
Welcome to the forum Joe!
lol thank you. I've been reading around on the website forums, maybe I can be a help with some stuff. I'm learning myself, but have become pretty proficient with magento.
Welcome. Just to say, I would check out the labeling sticky thread for your country in the labeling section, as you are selling your soaps as cosmetics but not labeling them correctly for that - better to be on the right side of the law.
Welcome Joe! I really like your website and love your company name (olives are one of my favorite foods). Your logo and products are beautiful.
Thanks for the replies - the lack of weight on the soap boxes were one of my many screw ups. I put a lot of money (I ordered 10,000 of them) when I first started out and really regret doing that. I'll make sure I stick the weight on the scent sticker from now on.

The graphics were drawn by my tattoo artist. The marketing portion of the business by far has been the most difficult to learn.

As most of you can tell I don't get to far into the artisan soaps, I appreciate the heck out of the amazing work you ladies do, my brain is more geared to efficiency.

Your right Alli we have met. I was recently looking at your facebook/etsy. It looks great, your business is coming a long. I've been neglecting mine for awhile now (busy and my normal job) but I'm back at it. Trying to get the online sales moving some, I'm tired of only making money while doing craft fairs.
Squashedolives , please don't use the Intro forum for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, swap, ad or other transactions between members as it is breaking forum rules. Some posts have been edited for that reason.