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"aka Shannon" - Mom, Artist & Crafter
Feb 22, 2023
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San Diego, CA
Long time crafter, first time soaper... wait, is that a word? :D
Happy to find this active forum for guidance and support.

About me:
  • Mom of 4 college aged kids.
  • Wife to a pretty awesome guy who supports my crazy crafting ideas.
  • 25+ year career in the digital marketing space.
  • Use crafting as a means to de-stress, well fine, yes, crafting is a different stress... but you get it I think. :D
  • I've tried my hand at everything from fine art to jewelry to resins to laser engraving.
  • Now I'm getting excited about all things handmade soap and can't wait to start making some all natural, wonderful smelling cold process soaps.
So, don't mind me as I pick some brains. Show off some mistakes and hopefully some wins as I learn this new craft.

Cheers and nice to meet you all!

- Shannon

PS. Oh, and yes. I've chosen the brand name already. That's what the Winsome & Wicked is for in my Avatar. I'm totally in love with my logo that I made. :D Now I just need to make products to stamp it on. LOL