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Jun 8, 2020
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I was going to make this batch last night, then roped myself into making a batch of stock and canning it. I thought I would be able to do the stock and the soap at the same time, but then couldn't come up with any ideas for swirling.

I stink at visualizing what it is going on on the inside and how it will look like in the end, and I know that not all swirls can be done with the slab mold, which is what I am using.

I can probably just go with an itp swirl, but what other pours can I do? My thoughts are to get tall and skinny soaps out of it, but they would line up like this, so basically sideways. The mold is 2" tall, so I would have to somehow overfill if I were to try to get standard upright cuts from it...a project for another day because I would have to calculate more soap batter, which I'm not going to do right now.

slab mold ideas.jpg
Thanks @CreativeWeirdo but that would have to be done with a standard-type or ts mold, not a slab mold. Although if it is somehow possible to do with my mold I would certainly give it a shot.

I decided to resize my batch to try to make them 1.25" if I cut them horizontally and go from there. I have had this mold for a little while, just not much experience with it. And it is great for making thick bars that still weigh around 5oz, but the thick bars don't fit my hand very well in the shower.

To be honest, just trying something new so I get to use my Hercules cutter LOL. I think I might have it figured out though.
Hmmm... I see: so, because you want tall and skinny, and you have a 2" tall mold, you NEED something that would work being cut horizontally.
What if you experimented with some type of hanger swirl? Just keep track of which side to cut. And the experimentation would give you plenty opportunity to use your cutter :nodding:
Have you done a peacock swirl? That’s probably the only thing to get me to use my slab mold again. 🌸
My second idea was to do a peacock swirl and just fill the mold enough to cut the bars with the tops showcased. I did a swirl, but I didn't do the final swirl to make it peacock, if that makes sense LOL. Realized it after I was done and it started to thicken up to beyond swirling. I will get something.

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