My first (and second) soap!

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Mar 5, 2008
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Ok, so it's melt and pour and wasn't that difficult to do...but I'm still pretty darn proud! :D

And considering that I have a 20 month old and another baby due in April, I'm a little leery about having lye in the house so I'll probably be sticking with m&p for quite some time.

I ordered a pound of shea m&p from Brambleberry, not realizing that a pound wasn't going to go very far ( :oops: ) so my experiments are limited to one bar at a time! lol

My first trial was 4oz melted in the microwave with a dash of Vanilla Vanilla fragrance added and nothing else. I didn't take a pic of that one because it's just white and kind of boring to look at. I discovered in the process of making that one that I really don't like that vanilla FO either...too flowery for me and not really vanilla-like at all. :(

The second bar was more interesting! I melted 4oz again and added about a tsp of refined shea butter to it. Once it was well melted I added Chocolate Espresso FO and added cocoa powder to get a nice chocolatey brown color. I kept stirring until it started to really thicken up, then strained it into the mold (a plastic food cup). As it set, some of the cocoa powder settled on the bottom and created a really nice effect! I really love the Chocolate Espresso FO as well...can't stop sniffing this one! :D ... 48.jpg?v=0

Hope that link works!
That bar looks really cute and yummy! I bet you can't wait to try it out, LOL!!!!
looks very awesome! like alittle upside down cake!! great job!

i havent tried MP yet, doing only CP...

you feel the excitement!?
Thanks Mare and Ian!

Actually, my dad came over to visit last night and stole it! lol So I'll have to make another one for me. :D

Yep, Ian, I'm feeling the excitement alright! I'm ordering more m&p base this morning! lol

It's funny, I wasn't really keen on the Vanilla Vanilla FO I used in the first bar I made but it's really nice in the shower and surprise, surprise, my dh loves the smell! lol

He used it this morning and I actually didn't get any sarcastic comments when I mentioned that I was going to make some more soap today. :lol: I think he might be coming around!
hehehe well thats a good sign, when your dad steals the second bar and hubby wont let go of the first... things are looking for a bright future!! lol

Vanilla is supposed to be one of those aphrodesciac scents right??( i think i butchered the sp of that lol)....
That looks really nice, very yummy!! I'm gonna have to try that!

I hear ya on the not wanting to work with lye at this time, I have a 19-month-old and another due in September, so CP is not an option for me right now, either. I also do only M&P right now. :) Can't wait to see what other soaps you're going to make! :)
Great job! It looks yummy. The nice thing about M&P is you can use it right away. We CP'ers are left waiting for those 4 weeks to pass.