my first and hopefully last rebatch!

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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
I tried to rebatch a soap that i forgot to add one of the oils to this weekend. It wasn't the worst thing ever, but it was just enough of a pain in the behind to teach my to double check before adding the lye that i did add all my oils! So, very good learning lesson and maybe I saved the soap....
Rebatching soap in boilable bags makes for an easier time in those instances when we have to rebatch. All my rebatches come out looking so ugly that I too do what I can to avoid it.
I have an unsuccessful soap that I made last week, but it's still really soft (softer than my usual soaps, although I usually use beeswax which I ran out of this time). So what is rebatching? Do I just melt it all over again and try to rectify the error? I thought maybe because we're having very wet and coolish weather maybe it cooled down too quick? How many times can I rebatch a batch? Thanks in advance :)
I've re-batched at least 2 times on one batch.

All you do is shred your soap or cut it up really small, put it in a crock pot bowl, in the oven on 170 with a top. Don't add any water if the soap is only a week old. If it's older and hard, add on;y 1/2 cup of water. Check and stir it every 15 minutes.

When it turns clean and looks like mashed potatoes, take it out and put it in your mold. Make sure you swish it down really good.

Here is a picture of mine I just did.


You are braver than I am. I'm not looking forward to ever having to rebatch......
FSowers, that looks WAY nicer than mine!!!!!!! Mine is U-G-L-Y! I am just hoping that it turns out good enough for me to hide away in my bathroom for personal use!

And, Laluna, why was your batch unsuccessful? If its too soft perhaps it just needs a longer cure....and to answer your question, i dunno how many times you can rebatch....but for me, it i rebatch and it doesn't turn out, i think i'd probably throw in the towel on that batch and start again!!
I have a German Shepard named Jake.. When I rebatch the soap usually gets named something like Jake's Choice... Needless to say I have plenty of Dog soap.

Faye yours came out great! thats no Dog soap!
I love your rebatch fsowers! I love to rebatch it gives me the feel of sorda making soap without messing with lye. I use the oven method because I don't like the other ways. I find that using the oven or crockpot is the best because it allows you to swish the soap good enough to incorporate oils, butters, colorants whatever. Like they said smush the soap tightly so you won't get any airpockets.
Thanks for your help, everyone! :D I'm not sure why this batch didn't turn out, except that I changed from my usual recipe that has beeswax in it, because I ran out. With my usual recipe I can pop the soaps out of the molds and cut them after 24-48hrs. This lots been in the mold for more than a week now and it's still way too soft. Do some soaps just take this long to cure? Maybe I got the recipe mixed up? It took a lot longer to reach trace than my usual recipe too, so it was behaving differently from the start.
Faye, your soaps look lovely ~ have you used a curly kind of knife to cut them, or is that shape from a mold? (the beigey coloured ones) I've been using a long mold and then cutting them with a knife, but the soaps come out slightly different sizes. Is there a secret to overcoming this?
Thanks again!