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Oct 19, 2020
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I’m measuring things out a day before I make soap because I won’t have time to both measure and make on the same day for a while. I measured out 30g honey, 114g distilled water, and 20g sodium citrate, mixed well, then added 100g goat milk cubes into the bowl and stuck it all in the freezer to keep the goat milk frozen. This will also freeze my honey water. When I add my lye to this liquids bowl should I worry about anything like hissing and spitting when it hit the honey water, or will the solution being frozen help it not volcano? Anyone do this before?

Forgot to add it’s a 1000g oils batch of soap. I’m planning on dual lye, too, if that matters.
I have an answer to my question now! I pulled the liquids bowl out of the freezer after it was all frozen solid and added lye to it slowly. I stirred the lye around the ice/rubbed it into the ice gently so it didn’t flick out of the bowl, and it was completely uneventful. It slowly melted the ice and turned the honey water brown with no hissing, spitting, or volcanoing. I might freeze my honey water every time now.

Last time I did a milk and honey soap, I added the lye to the frozen milk, waited for it to melt completely, then added my honey water to the lye solution and had a small volcano on my hands. Luckily it was in a very tall container so it didn’t rise high enough to spill everywhere that time. Freezing my honey water this time seems to have prevented the lye getting violent.